"thank god that fucking year is over"

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Am I boring, or are my priorities just more focused?

Saw a tweet the other day, that I sort of love. "Most of what we call maturity is just fatigue" And yea, thats pretty much true. As we get older we get tired of fighting what the rest of the world wants us to be, and slink into a role that is comfortable. The world has some very subtle ways of doing that. It makes assuming those roles very rewarding, with money, status, etc. It makes not assuming those roles very painful, well, at least for all that aren't born into exuberant ammounts of wealth. In otherwords, debt, hunger, poverty. Those things suck. Its easier to just grow up, get a job and not make waves.

Normally people ease into the pontificating part. They make their story lead up to it as some sort of moralizing. Not me. I lead with it, and hope you stick around for the rest.

The other half of the growing up as fatigue, is that I'm just too fucking old to want to party on New Years. You know what I did? I took my data science course until 9:30 and then watched Altered Carbon on Netflix until my dogs noticed I wasnt in the bedroom and woke my wife up so they could come get me.

Tonight? Same thing, only it's linear algebra. Funny thing about Linear Algebra. I used to think it was incredibly difficult and confusing. It's not. I'm not jsut saying that because of the reduced rigor that is required in these online courses I am taking. No shit I am adding the rigor in. I am taking the problem sets from both MIT and UC Davis and doing them without much problem. The only real difficulty is working through the syntax and how the three different courses address topics in the course at different times.

I have finished the first quarter of the class in about 4 days. That includes the associated homework for MIT and UC Davis. So far the class is about teaching different ways to "solve" linear systems, (There seem to be 5... so far.) Each of these methods have their strong points and uses for more complicated problems that I am guessing we will get to soon.

I have to teach again on monday, so I might have to take a day off from learning to figure out what I am going to teach. This should be fun.

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